Specific Treatments

Intended naturally beautify our features and durable.

Makeup lasting, aimed at all women who wants to correct or enhance their features. Ideal solution for many cases such as:

  • Depopulated or nonexistent eyebrows, short or ill-formed.
  • People with visual difficulties makeup.
  • Who want to increase, pigments and / or correct the thickness of his lips.
  • Athletes who want to look carefully into the natural.
  • Scars on eyebrows, scalp, etc..



EYES BEFORE                         EYES AFTER


LIPS BEFORE                          LIPS AFTER

Treatment to enhance the look, giving it sparkle and vitality. Look seductive and playful. Add some life to your eyes with a simple gesture and enjoy your lashes being yourself. centro estetico3
Get more length and thickness for these special events. centro estetico2
Let your hands do the talking. tuot6xhy
Manicured feet are synonymous with elegance. eildmaal