Specific Treatments

Intended naturally beautify our features and durable.

Makeup lasting, aimed at all women who wants to correct or enhance their features. Ideal solution for many cases such as:

  • Depopulated or nonexistent eyebrows, short or ill-formed.
  • People with visual difficulties makeup.
  • Who want to increase, pigments and / or correct the thickness of his lips.
  • Athletes who want to look carefully into the natural.
  • Scars on eyebrows, scalp, etc..

Micropigmentation eyebrows…325 €

Micropigmentation Lips profile… 325 €

Micropigmentation Lips with color filling… 370 €

Micropigmentation Top Eyeline… 325 €

Micropigmentation Lower Eyeline… 300 €

Treatment to enhance the look, giving it sparkle and vitality. Look seductive and playful. Add some life to your eyes with a simple gesture and enjoy your lashes being yourself. centro estetico3 * 90 min – 65 €
Get more length and thickness for these special events. centro estetico3 * 120 min – 99 € – Filling at three weeks 45 €
Let your hands do the talking. tuot6xhy * 22 €
Manicured feet are synonymous with elegance. eildmaal * 40 €